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Powder Coating Plants

Powder Coating Plants


Powder Coating is an advanced environment friendly painting method, which obtains paint film by putting powder paints to an object to be painted and by melting with the use of Powder Curing Oven. It is the most exciting finishing method  introduced in past 100 years. Powder Coating offers significant performance advantages with reduced costs. It also meets environment regulations.(No VOC emission, no paint sludge disposal).

The Powder Coating Plant configuration depends upon sizes and shapes of the articles, coating quality required in conjunction with the colour change intervals. Our specialists in surface coatings have individual answers and concepts for all these requirements.

Conveyorised powder coating plants are specially designed suitable for powder coating of high volumes, small & large sizes of components.  The conveyorised applications give better and uniform coating qualities with better process controls. These plants can be supplied with automated painting guns and reciprocators etc.

Crescent-1000 Powder Spraying Gun

Crescent -1000 the most modern electrostatic Powder Coating Spray system is design of new Millennium and is made out of the Hi-tech, indigenous quality components. Multiple safety measures are incorporated in the system to make it absolutely safe and trouble free.

Crescent Alfa Series Cyclone type Powder Spray cum Recovery Booths

The contoured design of the Alfa Series Cyclone Type Booths ensures uniform air flow throughout the booth cross-section.  Absence of dead pockets ensures easy cleaning and the charged powder surrounds the article uniformly resulting in higher transfer efficiency.

Crescent Booths are known for:

Crescent Booths are known for:

⦿ Optimum Powder Recovery
⦿ Easy Cleaning
⦿ Faster Colour Change
⦿ Can be fitted with material handling system suitable to the customer requirement such as loose track, trolley or the overhead conveyor.
⦿ Powder recovery system: single or Multi cyclone type.


ModelWorking Dimensions(WXDXH)mmFront Cut-Out 

(WXH) mm

Blower Motor H.P
CAS 9001150 X 900 X 1350900 X 9002.0 HP
CAS 12001500 X 1200 X 15001200 X 12003.0 HP

Crescent Delta Series…
Latest Generation Filter Cartridge Powder Spray cum Recovery Booths

Crescent Delta series Filter Cartridges Powder Spray cum Recovery Booths are latest in series with International Technologies offering :


ModelWorking Dimensions (WXDXH)mmOverall Dimensions (W.D.H) in mmBlower Motor H.PNo. of Cartridges
CDS 100900 X 900 X 8001180 X 2100 X 13502.0 HP02 NOS.
CAS 1201200 X 1000 X 9001480 X 2100 X 14503.0 HP03 NOS.

Operation :


The fresh powder is being fed in the hopper directly. The work-pieces are hung in the booth and sprayed with the powder. Specially designed low pressure high capacity blower sucks air and the over sprayed powder through the cartridge filters in a horizontal flat pattern. The powder particles are not permitted to pass through the filter cartridges, and it allows only the clean air to the atmosphere. The powder laden filter cartridges are regularly and automatically cleaned by electronically controlled high pressure reverse pulse jets of the compressed air. The powder thrown off the filter cartridge is collected in the powder hopper and is reused as such without mixing any fresh powder.

Crescent Batch Type Liquid Painting Booth

Crescent spray painting booths are widely accepted in all type of liquid spraying application. ‘Crescent’ liquid spray booths are meant for low power consumption and high efficiency.

Crescent range of spray painting booths includes water curtain type with water pump, and dry type without pump, down draft and side draft type. We can design special booths depending on the requirement and application to give the maximum output and optimum utilization. 

Crescent Booths can be provided with pressurization for dust proofing, Manual/ Automatic Painting applicators like Auto Guns, Discs and Bells or Robotic Painting.


Model W/d D/d H/h Blower Motor H.P
CSW 150 1600 / 1500 2000 / 1000 3100 / 2100 5.0 HP – 6500 CMH
CAS 180 1900 / 1800 2000 / 1000 3300 / 2100 5.0 HP – 8000 CMH