Automatic Painting Plant & Pre-treatment Systems

A thorough material pre-treatment is the fundamental prerequisite of any high quality coating.  Wet or Dry pre-treatment, depends on the material to be coated. Crescent provides solutions for degreasing, phosphating, grinding, shot blasting or ionizing on the turnkey basis with requisite Material Handling and Automation. 

Types Of Pre-treatment Plants:

Dip Chemical Pre-treatment

Crescent provides dip chemical treatment with PLC based transportation or electrically operated over-head hoist for material movement

Spray Pre-treatment

Crescent Spray PT Lines are used for large painting lines and automotive components; it gives fully automatic operation for on-line surface pre-treatment and also gives excellent and uniform results.

Accessories For Pre-treatment:


We provide Plate Heat Exchangers to transfer heat between two fluids i.e. Hot Water/Steam and Chemicals to be heated. Normally used in Spray Pre-treatment lines and mainly for Phosphate Solutions resulting in lesser Sludge and better process controls. 

LA-MELLA Clarifier/ Sludge Separator

Inclined plates settlers or Lamella clarifiers are used in the Chemicals and waste water treatment industries to separate solids from liquids in effluent streams. The Clarifier can also be supplied with Filter Press in series to make cake of the effluents for safe/easy disposals.


Oil Skimmer System

Used to further separate oil from the collected skimmed oil and water. Chemical is returned back to main tank and only oil is collected-improves quality of De-greasing.

Water Treatment System

At Crescent we provide complete water treatment solution specially designed for paint shop applications. We understand the need of process and integrate these systems in our offered paint shop.

These mainly consists of :

  • RO based water treatment plant
  • Ion exchange based DM water treatment plant
  • Combination of RO + MB technology
  • These are fully automatic PLC based

Auto Dosing

Provided for chemical processes for  quality control by maintaining the strength/Ph of Particular chemical in the process. This can be done by manual release of chemical or Automatically by sensing the strength/ph of chemical by auto sensors.